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Social Forum and Market of Possibilities of Tampere

The Tampere Social Forum and Market of Possibilities will be held in 18.5.2024. Next planning meeting is at Labour Museum Werstas on Monday 8.4. at 16.00, welcome!

The Market of Possibilities brings together associations and other organisations that advocate for global justice. On the Market of Possibilities, people from over 25 local organisations introduce their activities to visitors. All day long, the square is filled with various kinds of programme and performances. You can also buy food and crafts at the event.

On the Social Forum, current social discussions take place. The Tampere Social Forum is part of the international social forum movement. The Forum aims to create a common space where different kinds of civil society organisations and other social movements can meet. 

The events take place at the The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and the Väinö Linna square outside the museum.