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Social Forum and Market of Possibilities of Tampere

The Tampere Social Forum and Market of Possibilities are here again! The event is organised on Thursday 18 May 2023 at 11–16. As in previous years, the event takes place at the The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and the Väinö Linna square outside the museum. The Market of Possibilities brings together associations and other organisations that advocate for global justice. The event is free of charge, open to everyone and barrier-free. An accessible bathroom is located in the museum building.

On the Market of Possibilities, people from over 25 local organisations introduce their activities to visitors. All day long, the square is filled with various kinds of programme and performances. You can also buy food and crafts at the event. List of the participating associations/organisations can be found on the event website.

On the Social Forum, current social discussions take place. The Tampere Social Forum is part of the international social forum movement. The Forum aims to create a common space where different kinds of civil society organisations and other social movements can meet. The Social Forum programme is in Finnish except for two exceptions (see below).

No kind of discrimination or harassment is allowed in the event. Therefore, we ask all participants to follow the guidelines for a safer space: The event is financially supported by the Fingo organisation and the city of Tampere.


The stage at the Väinö Linna square:

11.00 Welcome

11.15 Children’s music: Roskaduo (Uulu)

12.00 Capoeira performance: Respeite Capoeira

12.30 Ukrainian singer Aleksandra Loktionova

13.00 Piano-and-singer duo Billie Joelina

13.30 Organisations’ open mic

14.00 Politicians’ panel discussion about the new government programme (organised by Fingo)

15.30 Rap group Horse Attack Sqwad

Food stalls:

Syyria Nam Nam


Selera Kita

The Social Forum

The Social Forum events at the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas are in Finnish except for:

AUDITORIUM (1st floor)

12.00–13.00 Tampere Against War: Resistance to the Russian regime: initiatives working for political and societal change

BERTEL HALL (2nd floor)

11.00–12.00 ICAHD Finland: Neo-fascism, illusion and resistance in Palestine today